Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workout Plan for Turbo Jam Beginners

I started getting off my butt when I found Turbo Jam and it has made an amazing difference. I now have  Body Gospel and for Christmas my husband bought me Rockin Body (which I started the New Year with) I love it!!

Anyway I have had several requests for the workout schedule for Turbo Jam. So I'm putting it on my blog so people can use the link and share when others ask them where to find it.

I have some suggestions at the end that did not come with their plan. I'm 57 years young and it worked for me!! Still working on limbering up but the cardio dancing - woo hoo - love it.

Turbo Jam Schedule

Week 1 

Monday - Learn & Burn 
Tuesday - Learn & Burn 
Wednesday - 20 Minute 
Thursday - 20 Minute 
Friday - Rest 
Saturday - Rest 
Sunday - Rest 

Week 2 

Monday - 20 Minute 
Tuesday - 20 Minute & Ab Jam 
Wednesday - Cardio Party 
Thursday - 20 Minute & Ab Jam 
Friday - 20 Minute 
Saturday - Rest 
Sunday - Rest 

Week 3 

Monday - 20 Minute & Ab Jam 
Tuesday - Cardio Party 
Wednesday - Turbo Sculpt & Ab Jam 
Thursday - Cardio Party 
Friday - 20 Minute & Ab Jam 
Saturday - Rest 
Sunday - Rest 

Week 4 

Monday - Cardio Party 
Tuesday - Turbo Sculpt & Ab Jam 
Wednesday - 20 Minute 
Thursday - Cardio Party 
Friday - Turbo Sculpt & Ab Jam 
Saturday - Rest 
Sunday - Rest 

I recommend walking on the days they call for rest, even if it's only for 5 minutes to start (depends on where you are at in conditioning) work up to 30 minutes or more by week 4. 
I found it kept my body from getting stiff and my knees did not hurt.

I also recommend doing weights and/or the Turbo Sculpt three times a week - when you are ready. I like to do Turbo Sculpt and take a walk later in the evening.

Make sure you have water available and don't hesitate to stop and rest when you need to, it's okay! You will do more and more with each passing day. 

Hope this helps!!

Blessings on your journey to a healthier you!!


  1. Hi Christena! I found you via Ruby for Women.
    Wow! What a workout you have!
    I just began a new blog about my resolve to honor God with my spirit, mind and body. I'd love it if you'd consider doing a guest post on fitness. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. Hello Mrs. Settles, I sent you an email and I checked out your blog - love it !! How do I sign up to follow it? We home schooled 2 girls.
    And yes I'd be interested in doing a guest post on fitness - what would you like?