Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Opinion of Fiber One(R) Protein Cereal

For those of you that read my blog you know I'm a BzzAgent. What this means is I get to try different products for free and then post on various sites my opinion of the product.

The product this time was Fiber One Protein Cereal and they gave me coupons for 2 different flavors: Cranberry Almond and Maple Brown Sugar. I also had coupons to pass out for $1.00 off.

After trying both cereals the Cranberry Almond won hands down! It wasn't too sweet, didn't lose it's crunchiness and had plenty of cranberries and almonds in it. This is one of my new favorite cereals that I will be using to trade off each month so I don't get bored  :-)

Now usually I like a little sweetness to my cereal, but the Maple Brown Sugar was way too sweet for me. I told my husband he could have it but it appears it's too sweet for him also. We did not finish this box of cereal. 

I have an amazing job and in my office I have a coffee pot - can't start my day without coffee ! And then downstairs we have a big kitchen and a portion of the refrigerator I can put my stuff in - which for me is now Skim Milk because I have cabinet I keep my cereal box, bowl and spoon in. Fiber One Protein Cranberry Almond cereal will now be one of those boxes in my cabinet.

I have also been know to eat this for dinner :-)  It is yummy!!