Saturday, January 1, 2011

With Great Excitement I Enter This New Year

This is going to be the best year ever!

My husband and I are more committed than ever to get fit not just lose weight.

I have been working out and have made some other changes in the past 5 months with some great results but I want more!!

I'm on a journey to be organized and have started a 30 day accountability class. This is really a jump out of my comfort zone but one that must be accomplished.

After celebrating the holidays and beginning to feel the old backache, tiredness and just general funk we began to talk about 'traditions'.

We have fallen for the 'holidays mean lots of junk food you must eat and go ahead have another plate and another'. Well not anymore, we are starting new traditions. Why should we do so well most the year just to fall back into bad habits and the feeling of ick?

So I will up my workouts, mix them up for excitement and start tracking what I eat. (someone kick me if I don't do this!! no wait, give me the Gibbs head slap, that's safer lol)

My husband and I want to be ready for the call God has on our life at this time and we know we must have energy and flexibility.

There is a call for him to write and produce music, so he now has a studio in our home, 3 songs waiting for a copyright. He is also acting in Independent films and I go around for support and extra help. It has been fun!! Two movies due out this year.

Then there's our Pastor(s) wanting me to step up and begin teaching a class and sharing during Discipleship, to encourage the younger women.

So here we go....our journey begins and it's going to be full of joy!