Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lies Something to Think About

This is an older video but I felt the Lord wanted me to post it - so I'm obeying.
I hope it blesses you, helps you repent and return to your family or friend - that it shows you love conquers all. Or that it gives you hope to hang in there while you wait for the person to see how much forgiveness and love really is in your heart. I know we are waiting on someone to return to the family and it's not always been easy but our love has never died!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

These Are Better Than Potato Chips

I purchased these from Kroger from their markdown isle - 99 cents !!

I cut them in fourths 

On my first try I dipped both sides in Olive Oil
then placed them on a baking sheet

this was a little too messy for me and I realized I didn't need to use as much oil
so I started using Olive Oil spray
and they came out crisp and the spices stayed nicely on them.

I spiced my first batch with garlic power, as my husband and I love garlic on everything!

This is how they came out after baking at 325 for 15 minutes

Once the oven and stoneware heats up I lessen the cook time. 
If you want them a little chewy, bake for 11 - 12 minutes.

I played around with all kinds of spices and believe it or not my husband and I enjoyed the Cilantro.
Second would be Cajun

Other spices used - 
steak spice (was too salty for me)
no salt seasoning
crushed red pepper
lite salt 
and others

They store well and we will be taking these on our long road trips and/or camping.