Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Husband is so Wise

Every morning my husband and I have our cup of coffee, read God's Word, discuss things and pray. It's a wonderful way to start our day.

This morning I had all kinds of questions but one main question kept coming up. It's something the Lord has been talking to me about and I've been asking Him for wisdom on. Well the Lord spoke through my husband this morning.

My question - my desire - I want to know when God tells me something, how do I know if it's really from God especially if I 'sense' He has told me something and it does not come to pass.
Here was my husbands reply:

God speaks to our spirit and our spirit informs our mind but what happens is our mind tries to make sense of what the spirit is saying and it adds it's own information out of it's experience and knowledge.

Example - Our mind receives information from the physical world through our physical senses, you touch a hot stove and it could inform your brain that stoves are bad but the brain has misinterpreted the information. The same thing can happen with our spirits, God can tell our spirits 'receive my peace' our brains misinterpret that to mean things are going to go the way "I" want it to go. Even when things don't go your way it does not mean that we have any reason to lose our peace because God's spirit always says receive my peace.

What I had done was to take what God had told me and took it a step further, I added what that meant to me...what I thought should take place when all God told me was trust, it will be okay. I added, well if God told me to have peace in this area....then it must mean that.....this and this will happen.
When it didn't happen the way I thought it should I began to question hearing from God.
One thing I learned in my quiet time with God is that for me when the boldness comes, the boldness that lets me stand on the Word of God and not back down, that is when I know God has shown me the outcome. But when it's just an assurance I am not to add 'my' desired outcome to it. God will reveal the next step when it is time. My responsibility is to continue in my relationship with Him, in prayer, asking, waiting for His answer, obeying, knowing His Word so I can make sure it's God I heard from and just keep walking with Him, in peace.

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