Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Blessed and Wonderful Day

On October 2nd, our daughter, Lena Hammes, married Cameron Stephenson.
Welcome to the family, son!!

Both of our daughters are married now but it seems like only yesterday my husband an I held them in our arms as little babies. When I would watch them sleep and pray over them.
I'm grateful to God for all the memories. We had a wonderful time growing up together  lol
They taught me alot as a stay at home - homeschooling mom.
And their excitement as they waited for their daddy to get home from work - they knew when he
pulled in the drive and would run to the door yelling....daddy daddy!!
Our daughters Lena and Amanda will forever hold our hearts!

Lena and Cameron Stephenson 
October 2, 2011

Husband/Wife Dance  -  Tangled up in You by Staind

Daughter/Father Dance  -  Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

and she surprised me with a song she use to sing to me 
Daughter/Mother Dance - Just for You

We both cried
here it is!

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  1. I can relate. When my daughter married, it was a happy poignant affair. She lit two candles in memory of her dad and her step-father, both good men who left us at too young of ages. So many changes, and sending her off to make her own future with her own family brought me to tears as my hear swelled with pride. "That's my daughter, and my best friend."