Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exercise Benefits

One of the definitions of 'benefit' is -  something that promotes well-being.

Here are a few benefits of exercising.

  •        reduce stress     
  •        relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety
  •        boost your mood
  •        help you sleep better
  •        increase bone density
  •        strengthen your heart and lungs
I have been exercising for 5 months and have received the benefits listed above.

In three short months I went from gasping for breath when I walked up ONE flight of stairs to going up FIVE flights.
We walked around, talked and we went back down the stairs and then I stopped and said to my husband 'Wow, do you realize what I just did.' It was a time of celebration when we realized how far I had come!

            Now I'm helping other
people on their journey to a healthier life as I continue on mine.

I am 56 years 'young' and I feel like I'm 40 again. One of these days I will have the flexibility to put I feel like '30'  !!  My point.....I feel energetic and love meeting each new day with all that needs to be accomplished.

You can do this too! But you have to START and keep moving forward. You need to find a program that calls you, makes you want to get up and do it. For me it has to have high energy dance music. Other people prefer a weight routine with minimal music. Whatever you need, it's out there!

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