Saturday, February 9, 2013

MorningStar Farms BzzAgent Review

I would never have tried this product without the opportunity through being a BzzAgent.

I have always known that this 'fake' stuff, as I called it, would be awful in texture and taste!

I was WRONG.

This is the product we tried.

These Chik Patties were amazing.
My husband and I made sandwiches using spinach leaves, onions and other healthy items.

I waited for my husband to take the first bite and expected to see  -

but instead I saw -
So I took my first bite and slowly started chewing and to my surprise it tasted great. It was not an overpowering taste but it wasn't bland either.
And the texture was good.

I'm looking forward to trying more products by MorningStar Farms.

The opportunity to try this product came at a good time as my husband and I are making the effort to eat better and watch our servings.

The patty was actually a good size for a smaller slice of bed or a whole grain English muffin.

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