Monday, May 28, 2012

Product Review For Women's Feet

I am a BzzAgent
and I love it !! 

The product I tried this time was Dr. Scholls' For Her.

I would highly recommend this product.

I decided this past winter I wanted to try high heels again so I purchased some boots. I have not worn high heels since the birth of my first child - 27 years ago !!

These are the boots I chose

I have worn them three times and each time I had to take them off after 45 minutes. My feet were really hurting and when I had to walk in them, well let's just say I walked funny.

After putting these insoles in these became very comfortable boots and I wore them at work and did not have to take them off.

I'm so excited to know about this product and to have had the opportunity to try it before buying it. 
They have a new customer for sure!!

Now I can't wait to buy some summer high heels and try the insoles in them. 

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