Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yes I am very proud of Benjamin Mosier and my husband Rob Hammes !!

Why you ask......

Their first CD is on iTunes !!!!

Faith Has a Voice, Benjamin Mosier

I (Christena with Has Breath Publishing LLC), asked Benjamin Mosier how he came up with the lyrics for one of the songs on this CD.
 'Come Let Your Fire Fall'
and this is his reply:

" The inspiration for "Come Let Your Fire Fall" came from meditating on the Life of Jesus. I was just thinking about His word and the Holy Spirit dropped those lyrics in my heart. For me that song is truly my hearts cry. I want God's love and power to explode out of me onto the world around me."
Benjamin Mosier

and this is what Rob Hammes ( added: 

"Ben has never sung for anybody and was pretty nervous about showing me the song (with lyrics and melody) to me.  After some encouragement he sang the song into my computer, and we discovered a very natural sense of pitch and timing that even Ben didn't realize he has.  The astonishing thing was that in putting harmonies and chords to his melody, I found that the chorus was not in a "normal" time signature.  Since Ben kept singing it the same way every time he sang it, this must have been God's time, not Ben's.  While the rest of the song is in "four-four" time, the chorus uses a "six-four" time signature."  Rob Hammes

Benjamin Mosier is the Youth Pastor and the drummer on the worship team at LIFE Church and Training Center in Indianapolis, IN

Rob Hammes is guitarist on the worship team at LIFE Church and Training Center in Indianapolis, IN

LIFE Church and Training Center


  1. I would be very proud too! Congratulations to both of them!

  2. Congrats on the song! I'm a new Linky follower and also am on Ruby for Women if you'd like to Linky follow back!

  3. Congratulations Christena! It must be so exciting for you all.