Monday, November 28, 2011

Marriage Questions What Do You Have to Say?

I'm curious. I have some questions. If you have questions not on my list, please leave them in the comments.
I would love to hear from men and women.

Marriage is very important to me and I love that my husband has always said 'hand in hand to heaven' before it was in the movie 'The Notebook'
We have had our share of problems----and I will blog about them later but for now I just want you to know we have been married 26 years, together 29 and it just keeps getting better.

 Here are my questions.

  1. Have you ever attended a marriage seminar and if Yes, which one and what was one thing your received from it?
  2. How long have you been married? 
  3. Do you pray together?

4. Do you take time to talk to each other, daily and not just the hi and bye conversation?
5. When do you feel most loved? What is it your spouse does that says 'I love you'?
6. Who handles the finances?
7. How often do you have arguments and what are they over?
8.   Do you attend church regularly?
9.   Do you have individual prayer, studying and listening to God time?
10. Do you and your spouse have time in the Word together?

You can have a marriage made in heaven and love growing old together! God has done amazing things in me and I'm more in love with my husband today than when we first met. 

so I think my last questions is ..........Do you hug, laugh, kiss and tell each other 'I love you' daily?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

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